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Sunday 10:00 a.m.

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The Rites of the Church are in “the language of the people.” While our Services are very traditional in form, language, and music, they sound the note of joy at God’s Holy Presence. Dreary cries of mercy and self-rejection are never heard in The LCC.

Our Holy Eucharist, considered to be the most beautiful Catholic service in the world, is our central act of worship intended to pour out a great flood of spiritual power. Those who participate may expect to feel spiritual upliftment. It summons many to intelligent and energetic participation.

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Thursday Services

7:00 PM

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First Thursday

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Second Thursday

Service of Healing

Third Thursday


Fourth Thursday

Service of our Lady

Fifth Thursday

Vespers or Ray Rosary

During Benediction, the people receive the blessing of Christ himself through the most holy sacrament. The Sanctissisimum (transformed host) is on the altar before the people; then, the priest gives the solemn benediction. This service marks a great devotion that sometimes is carried in procession.

The purpose of the Service of Healing is twofold: first, to bring spiritual upliftment to those in need; secondly, to give some relief, when possible, to those who suffer from physical ills.

Complin is designed to offer spiritual strength to those who participate and may be led by any agreed-upon member of the church.

The Liberal Catholic Church recognizes a maternal aspect of divinity which brings forth and nourishes all created life. This aspect is represented by the Holy Lady Mary whose tender care supplements the devine ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lady Services may be led by an agreed-upon member of the church, preferably a woman.

Vespers is one of the ancient canonical hours of the church and has become a popular public evening service. The psalms serve to attune the mind to the glory of God. Vespers culminates in a great outpouring of praise and ends with peace and calm.

Our Lady's Rosary of the Seven Rays is a meditation based on the Franciscan Crown Rosary, also called the "Rosary of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Vergin Mary." Intoned as a group with a leader, this beautiful service sounds a joyous tone of prayer.

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