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Our services uplift the soul.


In joyous tones and with empowering prayers, our Holy Eucharist maintains over 2,000 years of tradition.


The Liberal Catholic Church has specific teachings allowing its members to understand their spiritual journeys as they relate to mystical and esoteric Christianity.



All are welcome.


We share our worship and teachings with everyone. 


Members may choose to believe where their experience and deep understandings guide them.

Like St. Paul of the New Testament, Priests of The Liberal Catholic Church are “worker Priests,” meaning that each has a “secular” job while also serving, without pay, as a clergyman. The Bishops are also “worker Bishops”—although many are retired. St. Paul earned his living as a tent maker, and Priests of The LCC (as the Church is often called) earn their livings in various occupations, both “blue collar” and “white collar.” (St. Paul would today be considered a “blue collar” worker.)
"A Vision of the Sacred" featuring Fr. Brian Satterlee, Rector of St. Albert's
BP. Lloyd Worley was ordained as Priest in 1977 in Illinois by Bishop Raja Watson. On May 15th, 2005, He was Consecrated Auxillary Bishop for the Province of America by Rt. Rev. William S.H. Downey. Bishop Worley has devoted his life to developing parishes in The Liberal Catholic Church. He is married to Maydean and has two children. Maydean holds her degree in psychology and is a retired Weld County Social Services Legal Technician. Bishop Worley holds a PhD in English from Southern Illinois University and has been a professor at various universities. Now retired, he is former Chair of the Department and was Professor of English at the University of Northern Colorado from which he holds awards in teaching and scholarship. With in-depth insight into esoteric Christianity, Bishop Worley offers his wisdom and guidance to our congregation and nationally.
To watch his incredible sermons link here.
Fr. Brian Satterlee, ordained as Priest in 1990 by Regionary Bishop Lawrence Smith, served as Clergy-in-Charge to a Parish in Pennsylvania before coming to Colorado. Fr. Satterlee is now Rector of St. Albert’s Parish. He is the Provincial Master of Ceremonies, a Member of the Board of Trustees of the American Province, Member of the American Clerical Synod, and serves as President of the Rogers Cooper Foundation. In his secular occupation, Fr. Satterlee is employed at a Distribution Center of Wal-Mart. Fr. Satterlee is married to Erin Satterlee, a life-long member of The Liberal Catholic Church. They have a son Michael. A veteran teacher, Erin also has many years of service to The Church and is the Music and Technical Director for St. Albert’s. Fr. B, as we like to call him, links everyday life with wonderful humor while delivering poignant mystical moments with exceptional caring and devotion to us all.
To laugh with us while experiencing the love of God link here to watch his sermons.

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